ACE Construction is a company founded by Gladysh Felix, an entrepreneur graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo and New Jersey Institute of Technology. She posses a certification of Engineering in Training.

Since her goal was to have the flexibility of watching her daughter grow along with her husband, they took the decision to open the Virtual Engineering In Training services. Gladysh and her husband have been working with private engineering firms, The Department of Transportation and with Educational institutions such as Lackawanna College and Penn State University as instructors.

During the past years Gladysh and her husband have assisted Structuralist, Civil engineers, Land Surveyors, Development firms and Individual practitioners with different tasks that go from Analysis of finite elements to drainage design assistance.

This team has shown great versatility and flexibility to achieve client’s goals.

ACE is a DBE certified company by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

If you want to outsource your next task, outsource to Hazleton – West Hazleton-, PA, The Businesses, Art and Innovation District.

Douglas M. Smith, PE, P.L.S